KYMCO DINK R 150 Tambike Nights Returns to Escolta, Manila: Celebrating History and Community

May 11, 2024

Manila, Philippines– KYMCO Philippines proudly hosted the second DINK R 150 Tambike Nights on May 11, 2024, at Fred’s Revolucion in Binondo, Manila. This event, part of our ongoing celebration of the new DINK R 150 model, brought together 30 enthusiastic riders to explore the historic district of Escolta, where the legacy of the DINK began.

The event commenced at 4:00 PM with a call time for DINK R 150 owners, followed by registration and the distribution of special event T-shirts. Participants then embarked on a loop ride through the bustling streets of Binondo, including a photo op at notable landmarks. This route, covering approximately 8 kilometers, took the riders through the vibrant and historical areas of Binondo, making significant
attention from commuters, pedestrians, and tourists.

The convoy of DINK R 150s, adorned in uniform T-shirts, made a striking visual impact. The ride, perfectly timed during peak traffic hours, captured the curiosity of employees heading home from work and tourists exploring the area. As the group navigated through the streets, their presence enhanced brand visibility and sparked interest in the new DINK R 150 model.  Key stops included a photo-op and video shoot at Escolta, a historic street that once saw the rise of many early DINK scooters. The riders proudly showcased their DINK R 150s, attracting attention from passersby and amplifying KYMCO’s brand

After the ride, participants returned to Fred’s Revolucion for an evening of tambike activities. The venue, renowned for its vibrant motorcycle culture, provided the perfect setting for riders to socialize, share experiences, and enjoy the food and drinks sponsored by KYMCO Philippines. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie as DINK R 150 owners discussed accessories, planned future rides, and exchanged tips, fostering a strong sense of community. Participants expressed their satisfaction with their DINK R 150 scooters and appreciated KYMCO’s efforts in organizing such engaging events. The company’s commitment to customer support and building a passionate riding community was evident throughout the evening.

KYMCO Philippines is dedicated to delivering superior products and memorable experiences for our customers. The success of the DINK R 150 Tambike Nights in Escolta underscores our commitment to innovation and community engagement, setting the stage for more exciting events in the future.