KYMCO Dink R 150 Tambike Nights at Moto Towne in Pasig

June 16, 2024

Pasig, Philippines, June 15, 2024 – KYMCO Philippines successfully launched the KYMCO DINK R 150 with a spectacular Tambike Nights event that united 27 enthusiastic riders. The night began at KYMCO Lifestyle Bikes in Cubao, Quezon City, and continued with a dynamic city ride along EDSA to C5, culminating at Moto Towne in Pasig.

Event Highlights:

  • City Ride and Brand Visibility: The convoy of DINK R 150s turned heads as they navigated through the bustling streets of Metro Manila. The riders’ journey along EDSA and C5 captured the attention of commuters and pedestrians, significantly boosting the brand’s visibility.
  • Community Engagement: Stops for photo opportunities and videos at various landmarks allowed for interaction with onlookers, further enhancing community engagement. The DINK R 150s’ presence sparked curiosity and interest, drawing more people into the KYMCO fold.
  • Camaraderie and Fellowship: The event fostered a strong sense of community among the DINK R 150 riders. Participants shared experiences, tips, and future ride plans, reinforcing their connection to the KYMCO brand and each other.
  • Moto Towne Gathering: The evening concluded at Moto Towne, Pasig, where riders enjoyed food and drinks provided by KYMCO Philippines. The open hangout spot, known as a “tambike,” offered a relaxed environment for riders to unwind and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Owner Testimonials: As part of the program, DINK R 150 owners shared their experiences, highlighting the scooter’s features and the factors that influenced their purchase. These testimonials underscored KYMCO’s commitment to supporting its customers and building a passionate riding community.

Future Engagements: Riders were invited to participate in future KYMCO events and activities, further strengthening the DINK R 150 community. The event demonstrated KYMCO’s dedication not only to selling scooters but also to fostering a vibrant and supportive community of riders.