Like 150i Noodoe
P 139,900
Product Description

First smart scooter in the Philippines

What makes Kymco distinctive is that its motorcycles are smart and customizable, allowing riders to adjust according to taste and need, which complements Filipinos’ penchant for self-expression and configure their motorcycles to their likings.

The Like 150i will be the second Kymco scooter to feature Noodoe dashboard technology, which is an interactive dash that connects smartphone to the scooter for smart navigation. It has a customisable dash display that allows riders to create their own design, and then share with friends through the Noodoe cloud – an online social community where bikers around the world communicate with each other.

The all-new Kymco Like 150i ABS possesses a stunning design of a modern scooter with futuristic-retro style. It was named the 2017 Best Scooter in the USA at the prestigious Awards for its modern features and performance, unprecedented for a light-weight scooter category.

It is powered by Kymco’s newly-designed 4V technology engine, which has an increase of 1.4kW to the power of its predecessor, making it the best in its class. It provides a smooth and linear output throughout its power band. The roller rocker arm in the engine reduces friction within the valve driving system, while the lightweight cylinder head enables the engine to generate more power.

Capable of high speeds for any urban setting, the Like 150i can run on any full-access highway or cross bridges, complemented by the ease of a twist-and-go automatic transmission and stable yet super-light steering.

Wearing both the classic and modern looks, the scooter comes with a modern retro LED head lamp, a highly luminescent full LED tail lamp, a fully digital instrument panel, a glove box compartment with lock and USB charging port, a 12” aluminum alloy wheel and Bosch anti-lock braking system, and an easy front fuel filler opening. Moreover, its innovative design allows better balance and stability, while exuding European elegance.

Kymco will be offering Like 150i with Noodoe  Php 119,900.00, respectively. They will be available in Matte Silver Crystal for Noodoe.