Motourismo De Tarlac 2018

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Reyn Tribiana

Congratulations Mr. Greg Ordinario and Mr. Amiel Angeles of Kymco XTown Riders Club! Both a finisher of the first Motourismo de Tarlac (500kms. Motorcycle Run Challenge 2018) held last August 18 to 19, 2018 at Tarlac City using a Kymco X-Town 300i.

MOTORISMO DE TARLAC will be launched for hardcore endurance motorcycle riders in attempting to conquer 500 kilometers of riding distance covering the province of Tarlac within a continuous 12 hour period. This will be the Motourismo de Tarlac 1st edition wherein the participants will attempt to complete the journey in the prescribed time despite its inherent dangers and extraordinary difficulty.

To promote the beauty of Tarlac Province and to help the local community and businesses. Also participants must stop and take a photo opportunity to designated tourist attraction spots.

In this event, the participants should have the skill, endurance and stamina in riding their motorcycle. They should also follow the traffic rules and regulations and exercise road safety to make the challenge more fun, memorable and safe. There is no explicit cash prize for this event. The real prize here is purely the fulfilling sense of accomplishing a 500 kilometers of journey along good and bad Tarlac Province roads under good and bad weather conditions within 12 hours. Successful finishers are also heralded as "Tarlac Legends" in their own right, especially recognized among riders in the Philippine motorcycling community.