Kymco Maxi-scooter Breakfast Ride

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Kymco Philippines

IBA Zambales – KYMCO Philippines Incorporated has sponsored the first Breakfast Ride of KYMCO Maxi-Scooter dubbed as “FREEDOM”…freedom in the sense that this ride proves that KYMCO Maxi-Scooter can be used in expressways in the Philippines without any hassle or problems of being halted or stopped during entries and exits on tollgates or tollways.


Around 42 Maxi Scooters participated on this FREEDOM ride organized by the “KMCP” or KYMCO Maxi-Scooter Club Philippines. The 42 brave riders were composed of 6 units of AK 550, 19 units of Xciting 400i and of course the latest version of Xciting-S 400i.

All participants were gathered at the meetup point on a gasoline station at Marilao Bulacan area at around 4:00 am, were everyone was so excited to meet and greet especially the new users of Xciting-S 400i as this was also considered as their “Welcome Ride”. One can feel everyone’s adrenaline rush as excitement continues to build up every time a rider participant arrives. At exactly 4:45 am a rider briefing were made, instructions were given on where to have the pit stop and who are the lead riders that everyone must follow when instructions were given, prayers were offered and there we go leaving the gasoline station at exactly 5:00 am

After 101 kilometers the group stopped at Floridablanca, Pampanga Lay bay area for photo op of the group and restroom break, the ride was cool and breezy as light rain continues to drop now and then.

After an hour from Floridablanca the group arrived at the breakfast site the famous “SLABS Steak House” at Subic Freeport Zone Zambales, where everyone enjoyed great food and the never-ending stories of the excitement and experience especially the first-timers who are not used in using Maxi Scooters on a ride like this, the air was filled with great testimonies on how comfortable it is in using maxi scooters on joy ride like this one.

All in all the entire group rode a total of at least 270 kilometers on a minimum from Gasoline station at Marilao to SLABS at Subic back and forth, no troubles no accident, and all it has made are great fun, great memories and the fulfilment that truly KYMCO Maxi-Scooters are legit expressway two-wheeled vehicle ”The FREEDOM” to ride without any worries.