Kymco brings electric scooters to Philippines

Posted on December 6, 2018 by Reyn Tribiana

MANILA -- Kymco said Tuesday it hoped the government would back its electric scooter foray in the country to help cut air pollution.

The Philippines has huge potential for electric scooters, given the government's pro-environment programs, even if electricity in the country is expensive, said Kymco Philippines President Frank Yang.

Kymco has reached out to possible supply chain partners, including gas station, for its battery charging stations and battery exchange centers.

The Taiwanese firm is eyeing a 5-percent market share for electric scooters in 10 years and a proposal to build a $12 million to $18 million facility in Batangas is being studied.

With the recent launch of KYMCO Philippines’ new line of scooters that push for innovation and customization, Frank Yang - KYMCO Philippines President, will share his experience in leading the growing motorcycle company with its continued efforts in providing world class technology for the Filipino people.

During his first-ever interview with ANC’s Market Edge with Cathy Yang, discussion will revolve around the reason behind Kymco’s investment in the Philippines, manufacturing facility plans, Philippine investment climate versus the ASEAN, impact of global trade war on supply chains, import costs, and capital raising plans, if any.