Come and download: KYMCO Noodoe app!

Posted on August 1, 2019 by Kymco Philippines

Come and download: KYMCO Noodoe App!

The KYMCO noodoe navigation application now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play .

Noodoe is a rider-centric technology experience that gives you a caring, personal and social experience through KYMCO Noodoe.

Noodoe provides the most intimate and practical features to automatically match to the phone, display the rider's favorite photos, provide forecasts of future weather, and guide the rider's destination in the right direction. When the fuel is low, Noodoe can help to find a nearby gas station. When the riders wait for the red light, they can automatically remind the riders of any missed calls and display important notifications uploaded by the mobile phone, such as: Instant News, Facebook , Line, WhatsApp, etc., the rider can easily switch between different messages through the control button on the right handle. After the riders parked the motorcycle, Noodoe will not only remember the parking position, but also welcome the return of the owner with a gentle welcome backlight.

Noodoe offers a unique, personalized surface function that meets the individual needs of people. Everyone in the world is an independent individual with a unique way of expressing and expressing themselves. As a result, Noodoe offers a wide range of Noodoe surfaces through cloud services, allowing each user to find their favorite designs on the Noodoe cloud, easily downloading and installing them into their own car instruments to express their style. In addition to bringing a user-friendly ride experience, Noodoe allows each user to create their own design that suits their individual tastes.

Noodoe also has powerful surface creation capabilities that allow anyone to become a Noodoe surface designer through the Noodoe mobile app and upload these originals to the Noodoe cloud to share with others. Noodoe is a powerful online social platform where everyone can create and share their work, open interactions and conversations among community members, have their own fans, and become fans of others. Noodoe makes locomotives not only a personal mobility tool from A to B, but also a wonderful experience that provides self-expression, creative thinking, sharing, co-owning, and social interaction. Noodoe is a global online social platform for rider interaction and communication.

‧ Time – Users can choose different clock surface designs or create their own surfaces.

‧ Speedometer – Users can choose different speedometer surface designs or create their own surfaces.

‧ Weather – Noodoe provides current weather conditions and future weather forecasts. Users can choose different weather surface designs or create their own surfaces.

‧ Wisdom Compass – Noodoe can be centered on the rider, suggesting important points of interest nearby, such as: service stations, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. Noodoe also provides information on the relative location and distance of a particular location. If the user sets a friend group member, Noodoe can focus on the rider's centric and prompt the relative position of the group members. Users can choose different smart compass surface designs or create their own surfaces.

‧ Notification – Noodoe can alert the phone to important notification messages when the rider is completely stopped, such as: missed calls, instant news, Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, etc.

‧ Searching for a car – Noodoe can record the parking position of the vehicle when the rider is turned off, and guide the user through the mobile app.

Come and download! KYMCO Noodoe APP