BORN TO BE WILD KYMCO’s New Xciting S 400i

Posted on March 22, 2019 by Reyn Tribiana

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. March 22, 2019 - KYMCO one of the most trusted global brands for scooters, motorcycles and ATVs, presents its latest maxi scooter, the all new XCITING S 400i, unveiled today at the 13th Inside Racing Bike Festival. A successor to the highly successful XCITING 400i, the most popular maxi scooter in its class, well recognized for its agile handling, 400cc Fi 4 Valve engine delivers powerful yet smooth and quiet engine. The all new XCITING S 400i manage to surpass the performance of its predecessor.

The all new XCITING S 400i is meticulously designed with KYMCO’s philosophy “Win My Heart”. This is the next generation maxi scooter that will meet the stringent demands of a rider who seeks nothing but the best of “Sport Touring”.

Born With Breath-Taking Dynamic Look The all new XCITING S 400i is designed not only to excel in every aspect, but also to exceed every expectation of our customers. It is built on the perspective of the riders’ needs to fulfill a much desired work-leisure balance of life. It beams and glitters KYMCO’s high performance and futuristic technology. Its modern and contemporary design, high speed riding stability, and total comfort in riding is indeed the perfect solution for those who often commute to the city for work and for those who consider themselves as weekend warriors. The body shape of the all new XCITING S 400i demonstrates the philosophy of “Powerful & Simplicity”. It features the industry‘s first ECE approved scooter Daytime Running Light that enormously improves visibility and proudly highlights its identity. The LED headlight further intensifies the aggressive and dynamic design approach of the new XCITING S 400i. The rear LED taillight is both unique and full of character. Whether sprinting on the street under bright city lights or leisurely cruising on the suburban freeway under glaring sunshine, the XCITING S 400i is destined to be the center of attention. Best Combination of Utmost Handling and Comfort The new Xciting S 400i is a perfect partner for rider with busy lifestyles. It has a powerful yet smooth engine that produces the best-in-class 26.5kW / 37.7 Nm power output, which offers riders seamless and smooth performance. It guarantees not only responsive acceleration for urban traffic but also instant powerful sprints at high-speed.   The hanger axle is redesigned to warrant a stronger integration between the engine and the frame. The double bridge front suspension, a design commonly seen on much larger sized motorcycles, further increases its rigidity. These enhancements have elevated the dynamic maneuverability and high speed stability of the XCITING S 400i to a brand new level. The front end of the seat is specifically tapered to allow easy feet placement to the ground at every stop. The backrest of the seat is enlarged to provide better support. The unique two-stage seat opening design makes access to the under-seat compartment easier than ever. The windscreen’s height is manually adjustable without tool to accommodate different physiques of riders in various riding situations. The V-shaped handlebar is redesigned for better readability of the dashboard while riding. The ergonomics and convenience of the XCITING S 400Ii is thoroughly enhanced to provide ultimate comfort for the riders. Long-Awaited Noodoe Navigation For  Xciting S 400i finally arrives Upon the release of the all new XCITING S 400i, The newly developed Noodoe Navigation is on board as it is one of the most desirable motorcycle/scooter technology today as it features the unique  Noodoe Navigation system, world’s first rider centric navigation designed with the utmost attention to the safety of rider while driving.