Super 8 Philippines Motorcycle Club is an exclusive rider club for Kymco Super 8 scooter owners established in February 2009 and now having a 380 members nationwide.

Kymco MaxiScoot Club of the Philippines is a group of Kymco Xciting 400i and Kymco AK550 owners established in the year 2018 having around 45 members.

The Like Club Pilipinas, Inc. is an organization that is open to all Kymco Like owners and is currently composed of about 40 active members.

Kymco Visa-R Philippine Riders Club is an exclusive organization for Kymco Visa model owners established year 2015 having 58 official members.

Kymco SuperZ Club Philippines is a group of Kymco Super Z 125 and 150fi owners established last April 2017 and currently composed of 50 members.

Kymco Xtown Riders Club Philippines is one of the newest rider club of Kymco established this year, 2018, and currently have around 20 members.

Like Owners Society is an exclusive rider group for Kymco Like owners established October 2012 and currently having 78 active members.

Kymco Agility Club Philippines (KACP) is an exclusive rider group for Kymco Agility models established September 2016 with around 50 active members.

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